Ready 2 Wash helps you control numerous car washes from wherever you are. follow all of your business processes,failures and services. R2W gives You complete control of Your car wash - on your screen (mobile phone,tablet and computer applications with back-up website). Also,here is the interaction with the customers and rewarding loyalty.

Ready 2 Wash platform offers to you operations history, the frequency of visits and customer behavior in detailed reports. Create new business strategies and make better business decisions based on real-time data. 

On the other hand, upgrade Your system with Ready 2 Wash Loyalty and Marketing program so you could recognize habbits and behaviours of your customers and reward them for their loyalty. This helps you define your Loyalty progam for different groups of customers. Programs are based on visit frequency, time spent on the car wash, programs used, promotions or special occasions. Send offers and promotions with mobile marketing directly to the customers mobile phone and give him a reason to come back. 

Ready 2 Wash mobile applicaton calls customers to come back, gives them offers and discounts and with interactive maps it directs customer to the closest car wash with integrated Ready 2 Wash system. Application offers numerous different payment methods like: credit cards, PayPal, SMS etc. With application, customers participate in loyalty program and collect rewards on any car wash with integrated Ready to Wash system.


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